Tours and Adventures on Maui

Your Adventure Awaits!
Did you know that Awapuhi is a ginger? Yep, it is a ginger plant not native to Maui, and like you, traveled a long way to enjoy all Maui’s volcanic earth has to offer. Unlike Awapuhi, which had to rely on its own roots to experience the island, youll have a friendly companion to lead your tours and adventures on the island in a natural, environmentally-conscious manner.

Awapuhi Adventures offers private tours and adventures on the island of MauiHere at Awapuhi Adventures we do things a little differently.

Your Tour Unfolds at Your Pace!
Our naturalists will explore Maui with you, rather than guide you. You will not get a canned tour. Your naturalist will tailor all outdoor activities to your specific interests, fitness level, and curiosity. We want you to feel as though you’re in charge of your destiny and if you want to see something specific that is not listed you let us know and well create a trip specifically for you. We will never push you to do anything outside your comfort zone. However, if you show hints of desire, we will open the door to tours and adventures that let you experience something new and different in a safe and protected manner. Even if you can’t swim, you can experience snorkeling or waterfalls.

All-Inclusive Tours
Our adventures are all-inclusive which means you need not bring your wallet, unless you want a little spending money to sample local cuisine or pick up a locally-made gift. You will be given everything you need to enjoy the day including: snacks, beverages, towels, day packs, bug spray, and sunscreen. The two all-day adventures even include lunch!

No Age Limit
We do not have an age limit as long as the keiki (little ones) are up for it. Babies should be carried as you would at home, but as long as toddlers can walk, we can take them into the rain forest. It is advised that you bring your own child seat and any special snacks they may want through out the day.

Your Time Commitment
Our West Maui and Hana Adventure tours are designed to be all-day (8-12 hours). The E Komo Mai tour, hiking, and Maui Farm Tour are half-days (4-5 hours). Lunch is included in the the price of the full-days, but for your convenience we have chosen to have lunch as an add-on for the other tours and adventures.

We look forward to meeting you, your family and your friends!. Get ready to experience the Hawaii you have dreamed about and more!

Please select which area of Maui you are interested in exploring with us for more details on specific adventures featured at Awapuhi. And, keeping with one interpretation of Awapuhi which is food of the upcountry and food of the sea our adventures all touch both land and water. Or in other words, we will explore both the makai and mauka side of island life! Book your excursion now!