Things to Do on Maui!

Tour Hana

Ask anyone who has been to Maui and most of them will mention The Road to Hana. In fact Hana itself is a quiet little village. This adventure definitely lives up to the adage “its about the journey—not the destination!”

The comments about The Road to Hana may fluctuate.

  • It is possible to drive it on your own, BUT it is stressful—with more than 600 curves (many of them blind), 50 one lane bridges AND the driver will miss more then half the scenery because he or she will be focused intently on this demanding road. If you drive, you can go all the way around past Haleakala National Park, known for the Pipiwi Trail, Bamboo Forest and The Pools of Oheo, known as The Seven Sacred Pools. Rental car agencies discourage continuing your journey past this section of Haleakala National Park due to the condition of the road and fast changing weather conditions. If you choose to drive yourself, please drive carefully and it’s always recommended and considerate to pull off to the side when a local resident is behind you. The road not only serves as a beautiful drive for toursist but is the only road available to serve as commerce and supplies to the East Maui Community. Please do not stop on bridges or park where there are no parking signs posted. Pull off the road fully and only in areas where it is safe and there is room, if you intend to stop.
  • A private tour of Hana is the preferred way to see the Hana side of Maui. You may be thinking at this point, “Of course you are suggesting that, you are in the Private Touring business!” We are suggesting a Private Guided Tour to Hana because it’s the best, most fun and relaxing way to see Hana.

Our guides know what areas are safe and those that are off limits due to fast changing weather and culturally sensitive to the subsistence lifestyles of the local communities. If you would like to see waterfalls, exotic beaches, historic sites from both pre & post contact Hawaii, learn about this fascinating culture, eat all the fantastic delicacies like fresh warm banana bread, gluten-free breadfruit humus, coconut milk vegan ice cream, and not feel rushed or hurried, then take a Private tour with Awapuhi Adventures! Join us as our guest, leave as family.

Go on a Snorkel Dive or Whale Watch

If you make it to Maui and miss what there is to see just below the waterline then you are missing one of the most beautiful aspects of Hawaii. A Boat Charter brings you to where the visibility is ideal, compared to the variable conditions you may deal with snorkeling or diving from shore. To scuba dive you will need to have a certification card. Although some operations offer another activity called Snuba that enables you to breath with a regulator while tethered to a tank floating on a raft at the surface. Most of our reef life in Hawaii lives at relatively shallow depths. You will have the opportunity to see a variety of tropical fish, turtles & rays. Occasionally even spinner dolphins come into bays to rest and socialize. “What about Sharks”? Did you know that statistically, your drive to the harbor to get on the boat was way more dangerous then getting into the water in Hawaii. So no need to waste any energy worrying about them!

During the winter months our most famous visitors return, the Humpback Whales! There is a bit of luck involved in this activity but you can increase your odds of having a more exciting experience if you happen to book your Whale Watch when the season is peaking mid-January through mid-March.

Horseback Riding

Did you know there is such a thing as Hawaiian Cowboys? Paniolo’s (Hawaiian Cowboys) have played a significant role in post contact Hawaiian History. In fact, currently there is more land used for ranching than any other agriculture endeavor in the State.

The terrain for riding on Maui is tremendously diverse. You can ride at beautiful coastal locations or upcountry ranches with panoramic mountain and ocean vistas. You may see some wild game like axis deer or Spanish goat which was introduced generations ago as sporting game. All the stables I’ve had the opportunity to ride with were skilled at matching me up with a horse best suited for my ability.


Ziplining has certainly caught on all over the world. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the unique & varying  micro climates found here on Maui. There are enough operators here on Maui to include other activities on the same day. For example. You could Zipline Upcountry and enjoy lunch at The Mill House or shopping in quaint & historic Paia or Makawao Towns.

Jetskiing & Flyboarding

There is only one rental operation for jetskiing. Its on the westside out in front of Kaanapali

They also offer a new sport called Flyboarding for the visitor who are up for a challenge! A spin-off from the thrillcraft industry of Jet Skiing. This is only available in the Summer after the whales have headed back to their feeding grounds in North Pacific. Check it out!

Kayak Tours

Kayaking is a watersport that a wide age group and can enjoy together, making it fun to enjoy as a family.

There are tour operators on both South & West Maui. The kayak tour is a fun option and some operators augment the experience by including snorkeling. Another benefit of being with a guide on this type of a adventure is to learn about the species of fish, turtles & reef habitat that you’ll encounter when kayaking.

Learn to Surf, Windsurf or Kiteboard

 Maui is world renowned for its water sports. Don’t be intimidated and assume that you will have to brave massive surf and winds suited for the Pro’s. Maui has dozens of excellent instructors who will get you started with the proper beginner level equipment and take you out in moderate conditions. Safety is always a first priority with all of these activities. Maui Surfer Girls & Maui True North are some of the best!

Bike Tours

Haleakala Summit Sunsrise coupled with a ride down on a bike has been a staple activity on Maui for decades. Be prepared for an early start if you choose a tour that includes sunrise at the summit, which is a spectacular experience. Recently more bicycling options have become available including full suspension, high end mountain bike as well as road bike rentals

Go to a Festival

Maui has amazing events happening all year long. From whales to wine, there is something that would interest every age group & personality. Some of the most noteworthy and longest standing events are Kapalua Wine & Food Festival in June, Maui Film Festival in June, various Bon Festivals & Festival of the Arts and of course the Makawao Rodeo!

Visit a farm, distillery, brewery or winery

Maui has some excellent farms such as Maui Gold Pineapple Farm, Surfing Goat Dairy, O’O Farms, Maui Lavender Farm, Kula Boatnical Gardens among others. A Maui Farm Tours is a great way to enjoy some of the amazing local harvests. We have world-class distilleries and breweries which are quickly becoming internationally know including Pau Vodka, Ocean Vodka & Maui Brewing Company.  We also have Maui Wine located 4000ft about Wailea in the lush planks of Haleakala. In fact the upcountry area has many places to explore and it can make a fun full-day or half-day excursion!

Golf & Tennis

Maui has eight golf courses and dozens of tennis courts. These are located at resorts and county facilities. The PGA tour even comes to Maui to start their season at the challenging Plantation course in Kapalua.

Chill at the Beach

You could spend your whole stay on Maui trying to see all of our amazing beaches. I suggest picking one close to where you are staying. The purpose of an “off” day from all of these activities is to relax completely.

Helicopter Tours

During the hundreds of tours I have guided here on Maui, many guests at the waterfalls ask, “are there more waterfalls further up this valley that we can’t see”? Absolutely! The best way to see the most, as well as many other wonders, is from the air! The tours fly to different areas & utilize different types of aircraft so the prices vary accordingly.