Maui Off-Road Adventures Add-On

Now offering an amazing opportunity to Add-On a 1 hour private ATV tour at Kaupo Ranch, on the backside of Haleakala!

After an amazing day of hiking, exploring and swimming on the Road to Hana you are now able to explore the backside of Haleakala like you have never been able to before with Awapuhi Adventures and Maui Off-Road Adventures!

Kaupo Ranch – Maui’s Wild West

Kaupo Ranch is one of the oldest private cattle ranches that has been in operation for over 100 years. Stepping on to Kaupo Ranch is like being taken back in time. It truly is the wild west of Maui.

The area is rich in ancient history as told by Hawaiian mythology and archaeological evidence. It is believed that the first Polynesians to arrive in Maui landed in this part of the island. In ancient times, the Kaupo area was said to be the most populated area of Maui, as described by Captain La Perouse. This French captain was the first to land on Maui in 1789 and while sailing around from the lush Hana side was greeted by hundreds of canoes at Kaupo. The canoes that came alongside his two ships were loaded with trade goods of hogs, banana, taro root and water for trading with the French frigate. This led Captain La Perouse to consider that they were not the first Europeans to encounter the Hawaiians. In fact, the map used by Captain Cook some 10 years earlier to explore the South Pacific were of Spanish origin. It is possible the Spanish had landed in Hawaii many times and kept it secret from marauding pirates.

The Kaupo Ranch Adventure Tour has over 8,000 acres of riding terrain where riders drive down to the cliffs above the ocean and then shoot up 2,000 feet into the mountains. The views and landscape are unmatched. As well, there is wildlife everywhere on this tour. From ranch animals including cattle and horses to wild herds of deer and goats.